Get help from our surgeons to enhance your appearance

The talented team of cosmetic plastic surgeon at our clinic helps patients with craniofacial deformities using years of experience and the latest technology available. Depending on the severity and type of condition, craniofacial surgery actions may alter.Patients are usually under general anesthesia, and the surgery can take between four and 12 hours.

craniofacial surgeon

Even with craniofacial surgery, the psychological strain on patients is often serious, and many search for counseling. Any abnormalities in your face or skin can be treated by our cosmetic plastic surgeon. Cleft lip or palate is one of the most common craniofacial deformities. Our surgeons help you in a better way. Surgical procedures correct these deformities to give a more natural look while improving the function.

Our cosmetic plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeon are talented to treat your skin problems. Both the renovation and minimal incision is done to lift your face which is called as facelift. Facelift procedures will be done to enhance your age-related modifications in the face and neck. By hiding the cuts within the crinkles around the ears and in the hairline, the excess skin present in the cheeks and neck are removed, so folding and mobs on the front of the neck will be improved and flattened. During this mass facial procedure, liposuction of the area under the chin also is done to help you to gain a better look which is almost done in the natural jaw line. Any diseases related to your face are corrected by our craniofacial surgeon.